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Gear Box Pro

Camera Pouch Series “Gear Box Pro” offers optimal sizes tailored to your camera and lens collection. This series stands out with its exquisite matte and supple texture and meticulous attention to detail.

Every element, from the handle to the zippers and pullers, is unified in a sleek matte black color. The main fabric, DULONⓇ, boasts scratch resistance and excellent waterproofing, while its matte lava-like surface exudes a sense of luxury. The vibrant brand logo in glossy colors, printed on matte fabric, dynamically changes its appearance from different angles, adding sophisticated elegance.

The pouch has a water-resistant zipper and foldable pullers that remain compact and stable even when moving, eliminating any bothersome friction noise.
(Please note that while it offers improved protection against water and dust, it is not completely waterproof due to the stitchings)

The vibrant red inner cushioned lining and dividers provide ample protection for your camera.
To prevent the zipper from coming into contact with the equipment inside when opening and closing the pouch, the inner walls are taller than the zipper. The interior mesh pocket on the top inner side of the pouch is ideal for storing small items like SD cards. The label holder on the front facilitates smart organization, and the handle allows for easy retrieval from bags or storage areas.




WEIGHT: 130g
BODY SIZE: W165 × H100 × D95mm
INNER SIZE: W160 × H70 × D90mm
MATERIAL: Polyurethane, Leather


2 Leica or mirrorless camera body