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Flynn Camera Strap

The “Flynn Camera Strap” is inspired by the paracord strap used on American photojournalist Sean Flynn’s camera. It features durable materials, paracord, and leather, known for its load-bearing capabilities.

Utilizing the durable paracord from the American company ATWOOD, the strap offers adjustable lengths on both sides, and it has a buckle on one side to easily attach or detach it from the camera. The ends of the paracord are meticulously tied “Celtic button knots,” which prevents the cord from unraveling naturally and helps you grip the strap when adjusting the length. This model, designed for compact cameras, features a newly developed thin loop attachment. Its connection part is carefully sewn and reinforced by skilled craftsmen, ensuring sufficient durability.

[Sean Flynn] In November 2018, a Leica M2 from 1965 with a Summilux-M 1.4/35mm was sold by the LEITZ PHOTOGRAPHICA AUCTION at a very high amount. This camera went through many battlefields with the photojournalist Sean Flynn, son of Hollywood actor Errol Flynn, who played an active role mainly in the Vietnam War and was also an actor. He frequently participated in parachute drop operations with US military special forces, capturing numerous impactful photographs by parachuting deep into enemy territory. In 1970, he disappeared in Cambodia after being attacked by the Vietnamese communist guerrilla forces. The camera he left behind, presumed to have been obtained during his time on the battlefield, stands as a remarkable artifact conveying the intensity of the war and Flynn’s passion for photography. The strap on his beloved camera was made from paracord, a robust rope commonly used in parachutes.




BODY SIZE: L700-1,300mm × W12mm
MATERIAL: Leather, Nylon