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Easy Slider System – Triple Attachments

The “Easy Slider” camera strap will alleviate the stress of photo shooting in active scenes like the outdoors (trekking), cycling, and travel. The length can be adjusted with a single action, enabling quick shooting so you will not miss any photo opportunities.

This type of strap is available in two different widths. This product emphasizes compactness and maneuverability with a 25mm width type. Moreover, the camera’s weight is reduced by fitting it closely to the body, making it suitable for mirrorless cameras even with small lenses.
The practical and sophisticated design is full of attention to detail: it features custom nylon tape, Duraflex plastic parts to prioritize slipperiness and softness, and a ring puller where it is easy to hang your finger.

One side of the strap allows the previously explained one-action length adjustment. On the opposite side, there is a default length adjustment mechanism for adjusting according to body size. There is also a leather loop made of Italian leather with the logo engraved on it.

The attachment parts are easy to change thanks to the buckles.

■ Various attachments
This product comes with two types of attachments and a triangular ring, accommodating various connection methods like eyelet type, tape type, and cord type.
These attachments can also be purchased separately.




BODY SIZE: 720-1,150 x W25mm
MATERIAL: Nylon, Leather (Italian)