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Camera Back Panel Protector

Revolutionary camera accessory designed to shield your camera’s back (including the viewfinder and LCD monitor) from impacts and moisture, all while providing an added layer of cushioning to safeguard your body against the camera’s bumps and ridges.

With this accessory, your camera will comfortably fit against your body, making it incredibly convenient to take your camera along on any activity.

Moreover, for those delicate digital cameras where placing the back side down can be challenging, this accessory solves the problem, allowing you to place the camera down facing up without worry. It significantly elevates convenience during both indoor and outdoor use, as well as when storing the camera.

The design is simple, providing protection from the bottom, wrapping around the back, and extending up to the hot shoe, preserving the camera’s appearance while offering practical protection.
The product is compatible with SLR-style cameras with a tripod thread positioned on the optical axis.

The product can accommodate lenses of different sizes thanks to the adjustable rubber strap threaded underneath the lens.

■ Additional Features
・The side in contact with your body features mesh material with antibacterial and deodorant properties.
・The interior uses a cushioning material gentle on the camera, and the bottom is made of non-slip fabric.
・The tripod screw for securing the accessory has a handle made of stainless steel, ensuring both durability and resistance to rust.
・The rubber strap includes reflective threads.
※The rubber strap is intentionally made longer. If the length exceeds your camera’s needs, it is possible to cut it.




BODY SIZE: L185 × W100mm
MATERIAL: Polyester, Nylon